Cortexxus IDEA

a secure centralized cloud-based WebApp for uploading, managing, sharing, reviewing, and tagging EEG data.

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IDEA is a cloud-based software platform that makes storing, sharing, and analyzing massive amounts of EEG data possible.

It allows physicians, hospitals, patients, and EEG labs to save time, resources, and cost in storing, sharing, and analyzing EEG data.

Currently, hospitals, physicians, and EEG labs generate and manage EEG recordings in various formats. There is no uniform platform for sharing EEG data. Attempts to share EEG require copying EEG on discs or USB drives and sending them using traditional mail. The process takes weeks to months, and sometimes never happens.

IDEA is the solution to this long-standing problem. It allows instant sharing of EEG data in any format with anyone. Further, users from anywhere in the world can review and tag the EEG data.

IDEA is also the solution to expanding your tele-neurology and referral base.

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