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Empowering People Living with Epilepsy

Intelligent Real-time Brain Monitoring

What if doctors diagnosed and treated hypertension without a blood pressure cuff?

We provide doctors the neurological data they need to better diagnose, treat and understand brain disorders.

We believe in the power of big data to revolutionize our understanding of the brain and significantly reduce the cost of neurological care.
In building the world's first brain data company, we believe the potential is limitless.


The seamless integration of a wearable medical device and the latest in Artificial Intelligence

Provides long-term continuous monitoring of brain health without interfering with everyday life.
Detects seizures in real-time.
Alerts providers and emergency services.


Fighting Epilepsy
One Seizure at a Time

Helping doctors provide the highest quality of care.
Bringing seizures under control quicker.
Saving lives.

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