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Empowering People Living with Epilepsy.

1 billion people around the world are affected by neurological disorders (World Health Organization).

There is currently no wearable device able to monitor brain health continuously for long periods of time and detect all seizures in realtime.

Most devices are intended for either monitoring or detection for short periods - an integrated, intelligent system does not currently exist.
EEGLE by CortexXus is an intelligent device that is both user-friendly and comfortable to wear.

EEGLE opens the door for doctors to have greater access to brain data, while making data analysis more efficient and less time consuming.

EEGLE will reduce costs for the healthcare system, enhance the quality of care, and improve the quality of life for both patients and caregivers.

Founding Team

Ana Alves
Chief Executive Officer
10 years in banking, finance and data science.
David Alves
Chief Technology Officer
Computer Scientist
15 years in R&D and implementation of large-scale machine learning, data processing and storage systems.
Babak Razavi, MD, PhD
Principal Biomedical Engineer
Neurologist MD, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor & Epilepsy Specialist at Stanford University.

Cortexxus is proudly part of the StartX Community.

StartX is a collection of serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, tenured Stanford professors, and well-funded growth-stage startups. They, just like Cortexxus, believe that entrepreneurs can achieve more as a group, than as individuals.